Recursive normalisation

New to audacity, I would like to recursively apply normalisation to some 50,000 files.
I am mainly running Ubuntu 20.04, current installed version is 2.3.3.
I thought I would be able to achieve this by launching it from terminal and pass some parameters, but my attempts only led to displying the GUI, just as if I had launched it from the dock.
Maybe I do not do the things the right way. So… how can I manage to apply a macro to a file from a terminal ?
Once I can do that, I can recursively apply it to as many files as I need - uless it will en up launching as many instances of audacity as of files.
Scripting seems not to be the good choice, or eventually might be too much complex compared to a terminal.
Thanks in advance,

I’ve never used this feature but have you tried a [u][u]macro[/u][/u]?


I assume you mean repetitively? Once for each file?

Yes. This allows to act on a single file or on a series of selected files within a same folder, but not on tenths thousands of files in thousands of subfolders.
Thanks, anyway.
By the way : the scripting feature does not seem to be useful either - but I did not read all at the moment.

Use SoX.

There are some example scripts in this topic: Batch Scripts with other programs and other topic on this board: Audio Processing - Audacity Forum

I did not know about sox. I now just need to carefully read everything. I had a look at some before replying, this sounds really very interesting.
Moreover, you seem have already done almost (quite ?) of the job, so no need to reinvent the wheel.
Thanks. I’ll come back here and report when done.

So, thanks to your (steve) work, I could write a script which parses the tree, creates the structure in another location and, according to the extention of the files, copies them with normalization if mp3’s, copies them if pictures, or does nothing else.
It is running - started at 20:30, I think it will not be finished before at least 2 days.