Recreate TR808 Cowbell: Is It a Possibility?

Out of curiosity, is there a way for me as a sight challenged user of Audacity to recreate the sound of a TR808 cowbell? I’m told it’s two square waves, one is 540 Hz, the other is 800 Hz, put through some sort of filters. It’s pretty interesting how that sound is made. And, how do they make different tuned pitches of that sound without distorting the quality of the audio? Here’s a video where I found out the TR808 cowbell is square waves with filters. Roland TR-808 cowbell rebuild - YouTube

It’s possible to produce something somewhat similar from scratch in Audacity … real-fake-real by Trebor | Listen on
(My attempt sounds like a cheap knock-off version).

Rather than reinvent the wheel: real McCoy is available on Freesound …

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