Recovering unsaved track [CLOSED]

I have searched for the answer and have been unsuccessful in finding a solution.
Can someone please point me to information regarding recovering audio that I mistakenly deleted.
I’m running Win 7 pro. and Audacity 2.0 of course.

Windows File Recovery is your Google search term.

When Windows deletes something, it just deletes the address. The data is still there. If you have a well-behaved, well defragged drive, a utility may be able to recover most of it.


Rather than do that, has anyone done this and posted the step by step process ?

By default, Windows puts deleted files in the Recycle Bin.

The #2 spot?

I looked in the recycle bin first. But as always anything deleted from the Audacity program intentional or other wise has never ended up in my recycle bin.
Is there another way?

2.0.0 is now a few years old. I recommend you use the current 2.1.0 from


Audacity deletion always bypasses the Recycle Bin.

If you bypassed the Recycle Bin when you deleted your file or have now emptied the bin, you can try file recovery software like Pandora. This assumes you have a Hard Disk Drive and not a Solid State Drive.

Or you can try Windows previous versions of files.


Argh, yes I’m flying with 2.0 and I have a SSD hard drive.
I’ll update to 2.1

Updated to 2.1 and downloaded a random windows file recovery program and the program didn’t recover any aup files.
Is there another alternative ?

We should be quite clear. There is no Audacity “2.1” made by us.

We make 2.1.0. You can get it here:


Please see my previous reply. Have you tried Windows previous versions?

You can find software that claims to undelete files from SSD’s, like

However my understanding is that is disingenuous. If it’s an internal SSD and the Trim command is enabled (which it should be to reduce drive wear), then deleted files are not recoverable.

If it’s an external SSD drive (USB or Firewire), trim isn’t supported. The deleted files are then “possibly” still in memory and recoverable.


Thank you for your help. I pretty much gave up trying to recover the deleted tracks. I found some free software that would recover it but it recovered the tracks in small incriminates and I didn’t follow up on how to put them all back together as one.
I will save future recordings to a wav. file from now on

If it was an Audacity project or temp folder you deleted, the data is in small pieces (the AU files).

I’ll close this topic now.