Recovering part of an audio track!

I probably already know the answer and it is for the worse I presume but I recorded a podcast using audacity last night and was in the process of editing it today with recordings with the other people I was doing the podcast in. Now, it was a very long podcast hence it was going to be spilt into several parts. Unfortunately, due to my screw up, I am afraid that all of it can’t be done since I exported the first part fine but the problem is that while I was editing within the project file I done my recording in, I deleted the last half or so of that recording to do the first part and I believe it is gone for good unless there is some actual way of recovering because I didn’t make a mp3 file or anything but just the audio track in the project file itself. Can it be recovered or do I pretty much going to have an incomplete podcast. I don’t have any previous versions of the project file since I saved over it and not sure if that audio is in the data folder either or the audio in that was deleted also.

Let me know what is what asap thanks.

Do you mean you opened the AUP file in Notepad and deleted lines in error? You should not open the AUP file directly. You can’t recover the previous content unless you have System Restore turned on for the drive and there happens to be a restore point for the previous state of the file. To check, right-click over the AUP file > Restore previous versions.

If you mean you deleted the blue waves in the project window, then you can Edit > Undo the deletion as long as the project is still open. This will also undo any other changes since the deletion, so you want to undo until you get the audio back, drag-select and Edit > Copy it, then Edit > Redo if you need your other changes to be restored. Then you can Edit > Paste the deleted audio where you want it.

If you closed the project, then that’s the end of the story for all practical purposes.


Yep, pretty much did the last option there so it is pretty much gone then! I have never done this before by mistake since I have been recording in audacity for a while now but guess there is a time where I make a stupid mistake like that! Ah well, thanks for the reply nonetheless.

while I was editing within the project file I done my recording in, I deleted the last half or so of that recording

That never happens to me.


If you’re working on a complex project that needs a lot of time spent on it, consider File > Save Project As… and save as a new name like song_project_stage_2_jan_05_14. Then the original project is closed in its last saved state and you’ll be working on the stage 2 project.

See Audacity Manual .