Recovering headerless aiff file in Audactiy

I’m a journalist and I am trying to recover some interviews saved as aiff files on the iTalk app on my iPhone. I’m able to open the raw file (recovered from backup) in Audacity but the file appears as a solid block of noise. I gather (using SoundHack) that the file header is the issue, but I have no idea how to go about fixing this. Anyone have experience with this kind of issue?

Why are the files headerless? Did they get corrupted?

Import Raw only opens uncompressed PCM formats and a limited number of older uncompressed, reduced bit-depth formats. Can you record a few seconds of audio recorded in the same way that are not corrupted? You could then use Get Info in iTunes or MediaInfo to deduce what the format is and then possibly import them RAW with the correct settings if the format is appropriate. Or look at the Manual for the recording app.