Recovering a project from .autosave file

I was working on a project, and when i finished, it crashed. Now i didn’t worry, because i knew i could recover it, but the audio was very distorted, so i opened the temporary files to this unsaved project, and i found an autosave before this one, as the project crashed twice before. I ended up losing all of these temporary files, because when i tried to load the audio tracks, a new audacity application opened for each track. I was doing accepella, which takes a large amount of individual tracks.

This crashed my audacity. I opened it back up again, and this time it recovered both the distorted project, and all of the previous autosaves. I minimized the distorted project and exited the audacitys which were the temp files. And when i finished, audacity was fully closed and all of the temporary files were removed, including the ones of other projects i did not even open. I made sure to minimize the project so i wouldn’t accidentally delete it.

But after a bit of looking, i found an .autosave file called:

“New Project - 2013-09-17 23-14-58 N-5 - 2013-09-17 23-22-45 N-29.autosave”

What i am wondering is if i can recover the project from this file in some way.

Autosave files should not be in the Audacity temporary folder. Please see .

It is not recommended to open temporary files.

If you quit Audacity normally after Automatic Crash Recovery (either saving the changes or not doing so) the temporary files are discarded because there are no longer any unsaved changes. To retain the temp files and autosave file you have to force quit. Please see: .

If the recovered audio tracks look correct but the project was previously crashing, I recommend File > Export Multiple as WAV at once. File > New, then import the WAV files to see if they are OK. If they are, save them as a new project if required, then quit the project windows that were crashing without saving changes.

We cannot see your computer but unless “New Project - 2013-09-17 23-14-58 N-5 - 2013-09-17 23-22-45 N-29.autosave” refers to temporary files that are still in existence, there is no point in opening it (unless you want to try file recovery software to find the temporary files) . You can open the autosave file in Notepad to see the AU files it is pointing to.