Recovered .wav file from SD card - corrupted

Audacity 3.2 … whatever Mac OS is new in 2015. Obtained the Audacity .dmg installer.
I did a bunch of stupid things. I was recording a podcast using a Zoom H5 Handy Recorder and an SD card. The card got full so I went to move my files into my Dropbox, but they accidentally ended up in my trash. They then deleted immediately from my trash without a prompt. After consulting with Apple help, they concluded that if I were to recover the files, they’d be on the card’s ‘trash’ and not my MacBook Air’s trash.

Someone then formatted the card. We then recorded over the card. The files were gone.

But! I downloaded recovery software and was able to locate the .wav files. Unfortunately, the files are openable, but they include defects like loud “fuzz” or gaps at regular intervals (which seems more fixable? all of the audio is there, it’s just the gaps). I’ve been reading about this hack wherein you import the raw file:

But I don’t know how to adjust the settings to make it sound right. Is there anything that can be done??

Do you mean that the recovered files will open in Audacity?
If that is the case, then that is as good as it gets. The missing sections will be because the original audio data no longer exists, and the “fuzz” will be where parts of the original audio data has been overwritten by new data.

“Import Raw” can be useful if the damaged file will not open at all due to the file header being damaged, but even with the correct settings any “missing” or “fuzz” sections will still be missing / fuzz.

There is no such version. The current Audacity version is 2.1.1. Either you made typos or you have a hacked Audacity.

Here is the official download page