recover corrupted .wav from Ableton live 10

Hey all, I was recording in Ableton live 10 and had a crash during recording. My recording became corrupted and can’t open. the file size seems to be correct, and im trying to recover it in audacity. I’ve tried combinations of raw import settings, but cant get the right one. it was a moog grandmother (mono) recorded through an interface (audient id14) straight into ableton.

here is my recording settings on ableton:

pcm ON
sample rate: 48000
bit depth: 32 bit
dither option: triangle

here’s the file (it was a long recording):

any recovery help is appreciated!

Nothing here so far.
Do you know if it is “signed 32-bit” or “unsigned 32-bit” or “32-bit float (IEEE)”?
Do you know how long the file is supposed to be?

it was a moog grandmother

And it’s not “music”, right? I’m getting some non-musical “artificial” synthesizer sounds…

Try 24-bit signed PCM and an offset of 2. (Somebody had a similar problem recently and those settings worked.)

yes its not music as much as synthesizer doodling.

here are the codec settings from a file that saved just before the corrupted one.
Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 3.04.31 PM.png

Did you try 24-bits? It works for me and I can hear the “doodling”.

It’s probably recording at 24-bits to match your hardware and then processing in 32-bit floating point.

Same here.

(I asked about the length of the track because I was coming to the conclusion that it was not 32-bits per sample. Knowing the length, number of channels and sample rate would tell us the number of bits per sample.)