Recover Audio From raw data

I recorded a podcast on a separate device. imported the audio into Audacity. Mistakenly deleted the audio from the device and my desktop. Now, I’ve lost the audio within the project. the “outline” for the audio is still present on the timeline( i can see the edit points and the structure of the audio) but without wave forms. As if i imported recorded silence and stared to edit it. Raw data is saved but cant convert or recover it. even with the recovery tool. Please help

Which numbered Audacity are you using?

Audacity has a mode where it doesn’t make a personal copy of the show, but instead goes out to the sound file only when it needs to. It’s efficient but brittle. If anything happens to that one file…

What do you mean the raw data is saved? Only the most modern Audacity versions have good crash recovery, and we haven’t established Audacity crashed.

mistakenly deleted…

The good news is you won’t do that again.


Thanks Koz