Recover a decent audio quality

Hi everyone

I record several meetings for my work and some of them have a really poor audio quality.
I discovered audacity and try with several tools to treat those with no success.

Could someone give some tips or adjustment i could use to have a clean record ?

I’ll attach a sample of one of my record in this post

Thanks for your help


I record several meetings for my work

How were you recording the voices? Do they know they were being recorded? Were you using your phone?

Someone else may post with solutions, but I think that’s hopeless. Noise Reduction only works on noises that don’t change, so those popping and scraping noises are permanent. Also, you need background noise or Room Tone by itself as a sample. If the voices are so bad you can’t tell when they speak, those tools won’t work.

The sound sample has compression distortion and environment suppression distortion (wine glass voice). Both of them are permanent.


I know nobody’s going to do it his way any more, but when I did it, I made a wooden backing for high quality, all-direction microphone.

I painted it black and put it on a heavy black blanket in the middle of the meeting table. I plugged it into a tiny sound mixer and into a Linux machine with Audacity. I set the sound mixer for moderate volume and to reject low-pitch sound and rumble. We had to share meetings with all the divisions of the company in all the time zones and it nearly always worked.


Applying Audacity’s limiter (with make-up gain) will make it louder …
Audacity ''Limiter'' with make-up gain (apply twice).png
but not cleaner.

It was recorded during one of my lesson
dont worry, its been approved by teacher.

thanks for the limiter

can i use something else to make it cleaner ?