Records the person talking but not the background laughter

I have a Surface Pro Windows 10 Pro and works fine. But my Samsung tablet Windows 11 does not work. I am copying a cassette tape on Audacity. Only can get the voice, no background sound. The settings are the same on both.

Maybe similar to the post earlier (see below).

I’m having problems when recording. My microphone will pick up my voice but will not pick up any other sounds. I speak in the mic and it comes out clear, but if I play my guitar or do hand claps it won’t pick it up. Also, If I use my USB guitar cord it won’t pick that up either. And yes, i’ve selected the right mics and playback devices.

Please see the reply to the post you referenced.

Still not working see setting below. Turned off Audio enhancements for USB PnP .

same here. Audacity works well with Win 10 but records PART of the sound only with Win 11. I recorded sound tracks from a cassette tape player.

See: How to connect your equipment - Audacity Manual

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