Records Only Right Channel

Hi Everyone!

I connected a synthesizer into my desktop PC “line in” (stereo) input. The sound that came from this instrument is definitely stereo! I set input like this in Audacity: MME, Device: Realtek HD audio, Channels. 2 (stereo). I used an audio cable. (jack) The cable is ok, i checked. (I even tried an other audio cable, with the same result)

I still have only right channel recorded. The left channel after recording looks like this: A line sinks down from top to the midle line and it keeps flat. There is no any signal on the left channel after that short noise. The right channel recorded properly, no problem with that.

System: windows 10 64 bit. Soundcard : onboard (intel chipset) Audacity: 2.1.1 PLEASE HELP with some suggestions on what to try to make Audacity record in stereo. (I used this computer for the same purpose with older windows, and with older version of Audacity, it recorded stereo from line in without problem) Now only records Left channel. Any tips are very welcome!

You’ve tried almost everything I can think of. But, have you tried recording something else? The output from a CD player, etc?

Do you have actual Windows 10 drivers? A lot of people are having audio driver problems after upgrading to Win10.

It is better not to jump into someone else’s topic with a completely unrelated question. I started a new topic for you.

Is that stereo line-in input your only input? If so, it is almost certainly not a proper stereo line-in, but a “compatible” input that accepts mono mic input or stereo line input with quality compromises for the latter.

You may have Sound Enhancements turned on for this input - very likely so, if it is your only input. Any driver update for Windows 10 may have turned this on. See for how to turn off enhancements in “Windows Sound”.

While you are there, look at the “Advanced” tab for this input and make sure “Default Format” is set to a stereo choice.

You said above that only the right channel records correctly.

It is entirely possible if you upgraded Windows 10 on the same machine that you don’t have the best possible Windows 10 drivers for the built-in sound card. If you have not yet done so, look on the web site of the computer or motherboard manufacturer for the latest Windows 10 audio drivers intended for your computer model. More information at Windows 10 OS - Audacity Wiki.


Thank You DVDdoug and Gale for the tips!
I consider this audio “line-in” (blue) to be stereo. At the moment I have 32 bit audio driver, although having 64 bit Win10 - so yes it can be the problem. I tried to find some 64 bit audio driver, so far I couldn’t find any. I will try harder.

If it’s marked blue, indeed it should be a proper stereo input meant for strong line-level signals. But do look at all the line-in’s settings in Windows Sound, just in case.

You do need 64-bit audio drivers. If your computer or motherboard manufacturer does not support Windows 10 for your computer model, you may even be better with 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 than some kind of 32-bit drivers. But it’s also possible that Audacity may not recognise drivers that are not meant for Windows 10.

If you need help, tell us the make and model number of the computer, assuming it’s a branded computer like Dell or HP.