Recordings Sound Muffled, No Highs

My Audacity recordings off utube sound muffled, no sharpness with no highs and barely midrange sound. Everything sounds fine playing previous older Audacity recordings via I-tunes. I rebooted twice with no change and even deleted Audacity and redownoladed again with no change. The sound is sharp listening on my computer while recording but the muffled stuff continues. I record with MME on stereo with project rate of 44100. I tried Microsoft Sound and Line In with the same results. My record levels look fine. I am not a tech person but can`t figure this one out.

That’s what you get for stealing stuff from YouTube… :stuck_out_tongue:

The [u]WASAPI loopback method[/u] should capture “exactly” what’s streaming-in.

My recording Audio track is pretty flat with no up or down fluctuations dpending on the voice etc…

I guess it is called Waveform, which is flat on my recording. So, how do i fix that?

YouTube downgrades the sound & picture quality if the internet is slow.
The lowest quality setting on YouTube does sound muffled.

So, how do i fix that?

Did you try WASAPI loopback instead of MME?

MME (with Stereo Mix or whatever) shouldn’t be THAT bad but lots of things can alter the sound. If you are using the microphone built into your laptop and recording the sound from the speakers built-into your laptop, that CAN be very bad.

“Loopback” is more-direct and more foolproof.