recordings from spotify [SOLVED]

I am a first time user of ver.2.1.2 (Windows 10) - this app downloaded today…
I successfully recorded a couple of songs from Spotify but can not find them again either in the recorder or my PC.
What do I have to do?

Audacity will not save a sound file. It saves Projects. A Project is an AUP project manager file and _DATA folder with audio data in it, both with the same name. If you want a sound file, open the Project and Export one. Audacity will easily make a WAV (Microsoft) sound file by Export, but if you need an MP3, you will need to add the Lame software. Scroll down.

You can “lose” files if you put punctuation marks in the filename. Could you have done that? Try to export a sound file with just letters in the name as a test.

Your posting suggests you didn’t Save or Export anything. Could that be it?


Just to add our disclaimer, recording from Spotify is illegal according to their User guidelines.


Your help was successful. I now understand what to do.
Thanks a lot.