Recordings are bad, Audacity or SoundMAX problem?

I have never had any issues with recording my music through my ZOOM H2N-E recording device and Audacity, but since I installed FL studio my recordings sound like this:

I uninstalled FL studio and re-installed my SoundMAX drivers and also the latest version of Audacity, but with no luck.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Greatly appreciated

Audacity is a very simple audio program and it likes working on simple computers. No competition.

You don’t reinstall Audacity by reinstalling Audacity. You do it by preference file management. Scroll down to resetting preferences.

You should probably also know to launch Audacity after you plug a USB device in. I would expect a more sophisticated audio program to completely scramble Audacity’s ability to find things and manage its environment.


Thanks for responding. I tried it, but with no luck. Does that mean that the problem isn’t Audacity?

It has worked great before though, so I don’t understand what’s wrong now.

I don’t either, but we can get some clues from the sound file. It is a sound stream or Audacity would collapse, but it’s a very seriously damaged stream.


On a whim, did you amplify that sound before you posted it? It almost sounds like background digital trash present on most recordings, but weapons-grade amplified to the point that it’s audible.