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I record my podcast with a Allen & Heath Zedi10. On the previous version of Audacity I had downloaded (I don’t remember which one), I used an USB Audio Interface to go into my computer into Audacity. All my mics would come in on a mono channel.

When I downloaded the new version of Audacity, 2.3.2, it does not work. If I do mono, I only get the first mic on the mixer. If I do stereo, I get the first two mics on the mixer. I have not figured out how to get the third mic. It shouldn’t be this hard because I never had an issue with the previous version. What is going on?

Any advice is appreciated.


The desperation method is put the old version back.


Doesn’t Windows have a Step Back feature? The ability to roll back the machine to an earlier time?


USB Audio Interface to go into my computer into Audacity

You left out the important bit. What was the interface and how did you feed it? The mixer is stereo.


I haven’t found the Step Back feature. By interface, I assume you are meaning what take the signal from the mixer to computer, and it is the cable. This is what it is

It is weird because it worked before. I didn’t change any settings on the mixer, and yet when I downloaded a new version of Audacity, it switched. I’m befuddled.

The Windows feature being referred to here is System Restore. If it’s set up properly, you can go back to certain dates before computer changes were made and potentially save yourself from what’s happened. It’s similar to an automatic backup of your computer, but not quite as good.

I’m befuddled.

So am I. Not why it doesn’t work now, but how it ever worked. The Allen & Heath Zedi10 (Zed 10) is a stereo mixer and it clearly shows Left and Right being sent to the USB service and Left and Right coming back (overdubbing, monitoring, etc).

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 06.47.42.png
It’s not a multi-track mixer.

It’s possible with the buttons that it’s intended to send AUX-FX in addition to program Left and Right, in which case you would have to sweet-talk Audacity into decoding all 3 channels (FX is mono) and that might be done with driver software rather than straight, plain recording.

So the fresh, new Audacity is ignoring the driver software. Cast your mind back to when you first set this up. It’s also possible you didn’t set this up initially and don’t know the tricks that were installed.

What you have now is perfectly normal.


Check page 6 of the ZEDi-10 user manual - specifically, section 3.1.3 Resources - Allen & Heath

I tested another computer with the newest Audacity, and it worked the way my computer use to work. All the channels came in on the mono. I also tried to download the previous Audacity version I was using, and it also did not work. I have no idea what is going on or what my computer is thinking. I’ve gone through the Audacity preferences and nothing is different. I’ve looked through the computer mic settings when looking at the Zedi10 input and nothing looks different. Is there any other spot to look? That leaves me with one question before I give up on Audacity. Is there was to multi channel record if I need three channels with my operation or do I need to buy more gear?

Thanks for the help!

After deep diving the internet as much as possible, I have found no solution other than if I can record multiple channels at a time. This does not seem possible, but I still don’t understand why my computer used to record it all to mono or why the other computer still does it. Then it decided to change and not go back. Any other help would be great.


My knowledge of computers is extremely limited
I use a HP G60 Notebook PC with Windows 7 Home Premium
I downloaded audacity-win-2.3.2
I want to download audio from podcast on private website so sound from speakers and not microphone, I don’t know how and I’ve been trying to accomplish this for the past 6 hours…please help!

See here for how to record audio that is playing on the computer:
The “WASAPI loopback” method is usually best.