I am a rookie. I have recorded one track but when I try to record the second track, I can not. I have checked preferences and ticked one box. But when I try to record, nothing moves. It used to work but now I have windows 10??

It used to work but now I have windows 10??

That sentence isn’t a mistake is it? You upgraded to Windows 10 and now parts of the service don’t work right?

Windows 10 is not a simple upgrade. It’s a whole new operating system and your hardware, interfaces and driver software have to be built for it. For example, your microphone driver has to say “OK for Windows 10” and not just “OK for Windows.”


My Microphone works fine and I can record a new track but I cannot hear the other tracks when I do. When I change the preferences under Recording and tick the first box and try to record, I can’t record. It just seems to freeze