I used audacity to record my voice in my youtube videos. I was wondering if there is a way to turn up the SPEAKERS (Person in a skype call with me) volume and still be able to amplify my volume. Its just they are really quiet in the audio track.

You may have noticed that Skype will not Play Well With Others. The only good, controlled way to record both sides of a Skype call are the Pamela products

or these:

Trying to do it without purpose-built software frequently gives quality or imbalance problems. You didn’t say anything about games. Are you in a game during this performance?


So like add the skype and voice recordeder into my video?

I’m just saying in general, it’s rough to record a good Skype conversation no matter what kind of show you have. Skype likes to take over the system and if you insist on taking control back, the Skype call frequently fails.

Now you get to describe the show. Are you split-screen video interviewing somebody? I would use software to record the incoming voice and record your voice on a separate device. Trying to do both on one computer can be a challenge.

See if Voicemeeter would be any value.

That gives you a mini mixer and additional sound channels in software on the screen.