recording Youtube audio

Using Audacity 3.2.1 on Mac Monterey 12.6
Following a Youtube video on ‘how to use Audacity to record Youtube audio’.

First instruction in to find ‘WINDOWS WASAPI’ in source drop down box.
The only thing in my SOURCE box is ‘Core Audio’. There is no other option.
[I’ve tried using this and nothing is recording as I play the Youtube clip so assume this is the problem]
Looking at another post for ideas: In System Preferences I can choose between Int. Mic, Soundflower 2ch or 64 ch for INPUT. OUTPUT options are Int Spkr and the two Soundflower options.

I seem to recall finding and selecting this ‘Core Audio’ for another project and using it with ‘Soundflower’ a while ago but cannot recall whatfor or where I found it. [Problem with using this tech only occasionally] Now I seem to be stick with it not knowing if it will work with what I’m trying to do
In Audacity preferences : Host is shown as Core Audio [no options]. Playback shows as ‘internal device’ and Recording Device shows as Soundflower 2ch. Can’t think of any further info I can give.
Thanks in advance

I haven’t used Soundflower for years, so I don’t know if the advice on this wiki page will still work, but it’s worth a try.
– Bill

Soundflower went through Changes. For a while they were the chosen way to loop back speaker or headphone sound into a recording. Then the machines got a little too complex and it didn’t work as well, and then it stopped working.

The programmers and developers had to be called back from their vacation homes on the Maui coast to fix it. They posted messages about “we’re working on it.” But for those of us with actual production schedules, we had to find another way. I’m using iShowU Audio Capture and that seems to work OK. It does similar routing jobs to SoundFlower.

The catch is I’m on a Mac. Windows has their own set of tools, apps, and utilities.


iShowU Audio Capture is no longer supported for macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and beyond. They now have a $12/year subscription app.

Blackhole remains free and open source, and claims compatibility up to macOS 12. I have no experience with their latest versions.

– Bill