recording youtube audio

I would like to record a YouTube stream of an audiobook - Catch 22 read by Wolfram Kandinsky.
This is the link:

I was hoping that anyone so inclined would take a quick listen and see if there might be some simple ways to clean up the sound and if so, whether it should be done as I record or applied after recording.

I’ve used Audacity for several years but I am very much at a beginner level.

El Capitan 10.11.6 Audacity Generally I use Chrome as my browser.

No, there isn’t. That recording has already had noise reduced about as much as possible - any more and it will start to sound worse. Also, the recording has a very restricted frequency range (no bass and no high treble) - you can’t put back what’s not there.

Pretty sure that was going to be the case but thanks much for taking the time to help. Peter