Recording your voice to sound like another voice

Hello, does anyone know how I can record my voice to sound like another language for example Scottish ? I’m not sure if Audacity can do this if not anyone have any suggestions ?

I don’t think that any audio editor can do that. You just need to practice mimicking the accent that you want. Get yourself a Billy Connolly DVD and practice copying him. Even if your accent is terrible, you’ll have a laugh trying.

Thank you for the reply, I had to ask if it was possible in some audio program, it was a wild shot :slight_smile:
I’ll try to fake it :slight_smile:

I think there are paid packages out there that can make your pitch and timbre similar to somebody else, but nobody can change the actual words you’re saying. D’ya ken what om talkin’ aboot?

I saw a piece somebody did on “Julie and Julia” star Meryl Streep. The main idea of the piece was her drop-dead presentation of Julia Child, but they also had clips of Streep “becoming” Irish, a New Yorker, a US Southerner, etc. Record yourself and play it back against somebody who has the actual, real voice you want to emulate.

You do need something of an ear for it. If you’re an engineering, left-brain type that immediately turns everything into data and meaning, you may have an uphill battle. This is the seriously fuzzy side of verbal communication.

“Hello, I’m Koz. Are you here for the meeting”

[Response here]

“Nice to meet you. Did you grow up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn?”

[Stunned look]