Recording won't start [SOLVED]

When I hit the Record button it does not start recording. The start line just stays at O, pulsing
Running Audacity 2.1.1
Windows 7 Pro
Audio Tech AT2020 USB Microphone

Try this FAQ:


No luck. Would not record. Made sure Sound Activation not turned on.
I have 69G free space on C drive.
I also tried a headset/mic in place of the AT2020 USB mic. Nothing.

Did you reboot the computer? Did you try another USB cable?

Have you reset preferences?

By 69G do you mean 69 GB of space? That may not be enough if you are recording audio books. What are you recording?


Problem solved. Apparently I was using the program from sourceforge. I deleted it and installed the audacityteam version. I also Reset Preferences and configured the AT2020USB mic. It worked the first time. I’m not sure which one solved the problem.
Thanks for the help.