Recording with Zoom H1


I would like to record sound coming from ZOOM H1 micro with audacity.
My micro is recognized as the equipment for recordIng but nothing appears on the audacity screen and nothing can be recorded.

Any help please ?


I assume Windows.

My H4 has the ability to manage four sound channels or two. You should be using two if you have the option. Also, Audacity needs to be set to Stereo in Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices: Stereo. Does the Zoom appear in that device list?

My H4 has the ability to mount the internal memory as a computer device, and also to mount the microphones as a sound device. If you have that option, make sure you selected the right one.



Thank you for your answer :

The zoom doesnt appear there is
microsoft sound mapping input
stereo mixing via input
recording on modem
recording on telephone
Cd audio

I dont think I have the option you mention : H1 can only be managed through buttons as far as I know.


On the Zoom:
Menu > Scroll down to USB > USB Mode Select > Audio I/O or Connect to PC.

If your Zoom doesn’t say that or something like that, then it’s possible you can’t use the Zoom microphones with your computer or Audacity.

The instructions say that some connections to a computer may only available in an upgraded operating system. I recently upgraded my Zoom H4 so it could use large memory cards.



Thanks. It works.

The volume seems to be much lower thant before ??


I am trying to accomplish the same thing. I just upgraded my firmware to version 2.1.0, but I don’t know how to open the “Menu” that user ‘kozikowski’ references. Please help! I am also using the latest version of Audacity (I believe).