Recording with Zedi10FX and Audacity

Hi everyone.
I’m new to mixing, and i recently bought myself a Zedi10FX mixer What i want to do, is to record guitar covers, and original music eventually.
My problem is, that i’m recording my guitar through a microphone, but for some reason, it will only record in Mono?
If i change the microphone in Audacity, so that i record with the computers original mic, then it uses Stereo, no problem.
But when i record through my mixer, with XLR cable, it will only record Mono.
What do i do wrong? I’ve been trying to figure this out by myself for a while now. Please help!
Kind Regards, Simon Lund :slight_smile:

That’s scrambled.

It’s not unusual for the built-in microphone of a laptop to be able to mount either Stereo or Mono. It’s easy to program and it’s a captive device, so no surprises. you don’t actually get stereo because there’s only one microphone. You get two identical tracks—two-track mono.

If you plug a microphone into the side of the computer through an adapter cable, that connection, in addition to overloading easily, is mono and I think there are no options. It’s designed for a computer microphone and conferencing or chat.

I expect if you plug the guitar (electric) into the mixer, set the PAN control near the bottom of the sound channel to the middle and then mount the mixer as stereo, it will give you two-track mono. It won’t actually be stereo because Left and Right will be identical.

If you plug an actual XLR microphone into the mixer, that will record the guitar and the room. Still in Mono. If the dog starts barking, you’re going to get the dog.

If you plug two microphones into the mixer, PAN one Left and the other Right, that will give you actual stereo. A listener will be able to tell when you move the guitar back and forth, left and right. They will be able to tell where the dog is when she barks.

In all cases of using a microphone, you have to wear good-quality, sealed headphones to prevent feedback and other odd effects.

If you play any track and the two bouncing sound meters are identical, you actually have two-track mono, not stereo.


An old thread - In case the following helps for anyone.
How to make a mono mic or source go to stereo:

  • On ZEDi-10, push down “USB Out” to be: " M1-M2-L-R"
  • In Audacity, select recording device to be “ZEDi-10 34”
    Now Audacity will record from the LR bus before it gets sent out from the ZEDi-10, so you can have 2 panned mono recording sources (M1, M2).

Thanks! I used your tip for ZEDi-10! By the way I want to upgrade my hardware Instruments and I’m looking for some digital audio workstation. On what can you recommend to pay attention? For example I watch review from about Bitwig Studio 5.1 and it looks really interesting. What do you think about this? Thanks in advance!