Recording with unaplified harmonica


I need to record some unamplified harmonica tracks for a book I am completing. Would anyone have an recommendations for how to EQ the harmonica?
I’m a newbie with Audacity, but I really like it so far.


How about “not at all”? Is there anything you don’t like about that?

I agree. No EQ, since for a book you probably want the recording to sound as natural and realistic as possible.

The exceptions would be if there’s something “wrong” with the microphone that needs to be corrected (all mics sound different to some extent). And in that case, you’ll have to EQ by ear for the most natural sound.

And, it would be common practice to cut the low frequencies since we know that any low frequencies are noise.

Or, if you’re writing a chapter called, “How to EQ a harmonica”. :smiley:

Steve, DV Doug-

Thanks for your replies. This is a collection of 67 old-time fiddle tunes arranged for diatonic harmonicas, so there is no tech content in there.