Recording with two microphones

I am a drummer and just bought two microphones, one for the bass and one for overhead. When I record in audacity I can only select one of them, though. Is there a remedy for this? Can I simultaneously record using each mic separately in two different audacity files and then compound them later?

How do you intend to connect them to your computer?

If they are USB microphones then there is a problem that Audacity can only record from one audio device at a time and 2 USB microphones are 2 audio devices. However, I believe that it is possible on a Mac to set up an “aggregate device”, which is a kind of “virtual” device made up of 2 or more physical devices. I don’t use Macs so you will need to Google for how to do this, but essentially the idea is to create an aggregate device that groups the 2 USB microphones as one device, then set Audacity to record from the aggregate device.

You may find that aggregated devices drift out of sync with each other over time (because they are not physically synchronise), but if you can get it to work it should be OK for reasonably short recordings (up to a few minutes)

You also can’t set the volume of each one. The system jams them together and that’s what you get.

Go > Utilities > Audio MID Setup. The system will offer to make an Aggregate Device out of two existing digital microphones.

If you have analog microphones, then you need a mixer.

One-To-Two microphones is the place where the Podcast people get stuck. You can do a perfectly swell podcast on a computer and a microphone, but when you get to a guest or two hosts, that’s the end of a simple show.