Recording with sound detection

Hi there,
I’m using Audacity to record my voice while I record games in FRAPs. Unfortunately my mic seems to pick up everything so I tried to record with voice detection instead which worked but rather than continuing to record and adding my voice in when I spoke it just stopped recording in-between speaking. Is there a way to keep the recording going but only actually lay down the voice within the file when I speak. It’s just to make the editing easier in that I’ll be speaking when I need to along with the video but with the current way it records with voice detection I’ll need to dissect the clip afterwards and split it over when I need the voice over to play.

Is this possible?

If you’re talking about Sound Activated Recording, it’s job is to save drive space by only recording when your voice is louder than a set volume. All other times it sits and waits. This, for example, is for recording three sentences somewhere in a four hour window.

I tried to record with voice detection instead

If you really do have Voice Detection, then you’re not in Audacity.

What’s your Audacity version number. I’m using Audacity 2.1.0.

Are you doing all this on one computer? Audacity and FRAPS generally don’t get along together.


To ask the obvious, are you using headphones, so that the mic cannot hear computer playback?

Are you choosing the correct recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar?

If you like, we could record your “vote” that Sound Activated Recording (if you are using that) could pad non-recorded areas with silence. I agree that would help cases where you are trying to synchronize the recording with other audio.


Hello sorry for the late reply, padding the gaps between speech was exactly what i was looking for. As for the mic i have disabled my headset mic in windows so it shouldn’t be a problem at all, just think the gain is too high.

Haven’t had any issues with fraps and audacity running at the same time either.


I am not sure if you still have a problem with the mic hearing audio other than your voice, and don’t know what mic you do use, but you can use FRAPS on Windows 7 to record the mic along with the game audio to the same file. See You do need to keep the game audio turned down.

Or see using VoiceMeeter.