Recording with Skype

Hey folks,

This is going to be a question in the noob variety, but I’ve been podcasting for a few years with my buddy doing the recording. He’s had a child and doesn’t have time to record and edit so we’re transitioning to having me do it.

I have a Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10, and use a Logitech USB headset.

My recording/audio is fine…but I’m getting nothing from the other end-- said another way, the recording is not picking up my friend. I’ve explored everything through Audacity and don’t think its an issue with that software, but surely something I’m doing through computer settings or Skype.

Anyone have a solution? Should be pretty basic and you’re welcome to make fun of me while answering.


Should be pretty basic

No. It’s not.

you’re welcome to make fun of me while answering.

Maybe later. Rain check.

You need to contact your friend and ask how he did it. There are software packages that claim to be able to do this and there are scary hardware solutions.

This is how I did it.

The two computers are not optional.

Recording your own local microphone is a snap because Audacity records that directly. Recording the Skype far side is a service of Skype and Audacity has trouble with that and also, won’t record two different “things.”

It gets worse. Skype likes to change its configurations regularly and you need to keep up with your software and configurations. That’s why I did it in hardware.


And when you do find out how he did it, share.

That hardware thing is how many broadcast and podcast people do it. Nobody’s interested in chasing Skype all over the map. I would normally “stage” that picture to eliminate all the stuff you don’t actually need and to look pretty, but this time I was in a hurry and just took two steps back and shot it. That’s why it looks like ball of cables with a movie DVD and a coffee cup.

But in fact, that was pretty simple. I did an engineering test with my friend Denise who’s total involvement was to wear headphones on the laptop in her sewing room. Full stop.

She doesn’t sound three times zones away, does she? We called it the perfect podcast. We took the whole thing discussing when we were going to have the next podcast.


There is another variation. One podcaster just plugged all up, turned it on made a couple of sound pathway changes and started cranking out podcasts. Boop. Just like that. No idea what was special about his setup, but once a moon phase that works for someone—and not for anybody else.

Inevitably, they’re looking at us wondering how dense we could be not to make this work straight off.