recording with reverb

Is it possible to record with sound effects for example reverb (gverb) on.
Need this for cartoon movie voice recording so we here how it sounds while we speak.

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time except record, play and some timer functions.

Thanks then I have to search for another voice recording program.

As you are on Linux, you can do what you want and still use Audacity.

The two mature audio recording programs that still actively maintained on Linux are Audacity and Ardour.
Ardour is a powerful Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that uses non-destructive editing and real-time processing.
Ardour would be the first choice for real time processing on Linux, but may be too complex for your needs .

To achieve real time reverb with Audacity, use Jack Audio System as the sound system. Jack allows routing of audio between applications, so the audio input can be routed through reverb software (such as the Calf Plug-in Pack for Jack) and then routed to the Audacity input.
Here is an example of the type of set-up that you would use (except that this example is using a Delay effect rather than a Reverb effect).

I am familiar with ardour its not what I am looking for.
Prefer to use a platform independent program.
Sometimes I have to switch to a windows 7 computer.

The only cross-platform solution (Windows, Linux Mac OS X) that I know of that can do this is SoX, but that is a command line program (no graphical interface).

An alternative approach would be to pass the microphone signal through a hardware reverb effect before recording it.

Programs that can do this on Windows include Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Reaper.

Is there not a simple program like audacity who can do this, linux or windows both are good for me.
I do not need midi or instruments just recording mics with effects on it thats all.

What you are asking for is not a simple task.
I have made several suggestions of how to accomplish the task. For more alternatives, try searching Google.

Would be simple if audacity supported recording with effects.
Ok thanks sofar.