Recording with Rane SL2

Hi there,

Trying to record with Audacity on my 2014 Macbook Air - running CDJ-2000s and DJM-900 through Rane SL2.
I’ve got RCA going from Master Out 2 into my headphone/line-in port

Audacity will not pick up any sound using Serato DJ …will not even pick up input in Scratch Live. Any ideas?
Don’t know what else to try, getting frustrated

headphone/line-in port

Where does it say you have an assignable Headphone and Stereo Line-In?

I’m guessing you have a Headset connection suitable for a Skype headset. It’s mono and will not accept high-level stereo signals from a mixer.

I could be wrong. There have been variations in the Mac family, but I don’t think so. You can go into the Apple > System Preferences > Sound > Input and look there. There will be switch settings if you’re going to have them at all.

If you’re out of luck, many of us have found the Behringer UCA-202 (or equivalent) to be a valuable addition.

That will adapt very good quality stereo to a USB connection — both directions. That’s my analog mixer in the illustration. The computer on the left can be almost anything.


Well, there is only one port on the Macbook Air that acts as a dual headphone out/line-in
They don’t make a separate port for both

In the Sound Preferences, I change the input to SL2, and all the settings should be good to go
But still, it doesn’t pick it up - which is strange

So with this device, it should work? The SL2 and CDJs are hooked up via USB already, and the computer
should hopefully pick up the line-in ? I’ll try and find one of those today

I’m a little confused. From the manufacturer’s web pages the SL2 appears to be a full-blown 4-input, 4-output A/D, D/A.

The documentation says it supports core-audio on the Mac, so you should be able to select the SL4 directly from the input selector in Audacity, and hit record. No need to touch your Macbook’s built-in audio interface.

Hi there,

Thanks again for the input here. Big thanks to Koz who helped me out or else I would have been switching cables and settings for days!
I tried getting in touch with Pioneer, Serato, Rane …and the only help I got was on the forum of a free program. Very impressed, so thank you again!

First of all, for such high-quality products (as advertised anyways) such as Apple laptops, I have no idea why they do not supply a premium sound card with a Line-input.
The only headphone/line-in jack - can be switched through the Sound settings - but I had no luck with it picking up any sound. I tried the same configuration with an older
Apple laptop, and it worked, as it had a headphone out and a line-in port.

Unfortunately, the Rane SL2 only has 2-inputs which need to be supplied to both CDJs, or else the SL3 and SL4 can record via AUX. (3 and 4 inputs)
So, I ended up connecting the Behringer UCA-202 today, and sure enough - Audacity picked up the sound! Thank you again, and I am sure all new Mac laptop users are going to suffer
from this same issue.

I am sure all new Mac laptop users are going to suffer
from this same issue.

I believe, and nobody has contradicted me yet that newer Macs support a HeadSet, which is the combination of microphone and stereo headphones on one cord. This is the Skype or gamer configuration, both far more popular than people who want to record their cassette machine.

I don’t believe there is any more Stereo Line-In no matter what Apple Support calls it. There is no “Mic-Line-In.”

That’s not to say you can’t get an adapter from your cassette machine (or dance mixer) into the Mac, but the adapter puts you squarely in the Windows Laptop camp, where you get Left sound only and distorted.

It is a little surprising that the Mac didn’t pick up sound from the USB system. Do your instructions insist that should work?


It’s funny actually - the Serato and Rane help websites both indicate that by changing the Input options in Sound Preferences, you should be able to activate the “Line-In.” Unfortunately, this is not the case - as the computer recognizes the SL2 via USB, but doesn’t recognize as a USB Audio interface… and this just might be an issue with the newer Macs

However, as soon as I plugged in the UCA202 - it picked up the Input perfectly and recording is working great!!

There was a generation of Macs where that was true. The 13" MacBook Pro would do that by a switch in System Preferences. Which way do you want the sound to go?

But I think that service went away.


it picked up the Input perfectly and recording is working great!!

That is the get out of jail card (pun intended). I own two.