Recording with Boss RC-30 Loop Pedal

Hi guys, im a noob to this so i need help with recording one takes on audacity and to see if i’ve set everything up properly. My gear consists of:

  1. Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer/audio interface
  2. Behringer C-1 Condenser mic
  3. A dynamic mic (which is connected to the loop pedal via XLR)
  4. Boss RC-30 Loop Pedal
  5. Vox VT20+ modelling amp
  6. My guitar

The way I’ve set it up is: I connected my mic and guitar to the inputs of the loop pedal. Connected to my mixer is the condenser mic via xlr and the lead going from the output of my loop pedal to the input of my mixer. my mixer is connected via usb to my laptop and the output on my mixer has a lead going to my amp.

How can i record in one take using my loop pedal ensuring that one channel is my vocals and the other channel is my loops and guitar? basically multi-tracking.

On the mixer, pan the condenser mic to one side (say, the left) and the line / loop input to the other side (the right).
Set Audacity to record 2 channels in the device toolbar.

Play back the recording and you should hear the mic on one side (the left) and the loops on the other (the right).

Split the track into 2 mono tracks as described here:

Cheers mate. How far left or right should they be panned? And what should i set the volume on my loop pedal to full?