Recording with a Roland TD30k SE

Hi Guys,

Newbie here looking at recording some drum tracks for my brother in law. I have bought a Roland TD30k SE drum kit but know little about it. Have an acoustic kit as my main kit but thought i would try the TD30 for practice and recording drum tracks.

Anyone done this who can give me a heads up on what cables,etc i need to get some recording going? I dont need anything too professional at the moment, was thinking of just recording MP3/Wav files.


We know about the Roland and we know you want an MP3 at the end, what’s the computer in the middle?

That kills most people because newer computers don’t have very good audio connections.


Hi, my laptop has the following specs:

Dell Studio 1555
Intel 2 duo CPU t 6600@2.20 ghz.
4gb ram
64 bit operating system
Windows 10 professional.
Amd high def audio device


In other words it only has a mic input:

So if you aim to record the audio outputs of the drum kit you want a USB interface with a stereo line in such as