Recording with a Lexicon IO42

I have just purchased a Lexicon IO42 which I understand can record 4 tracks at the same time.

I haven’t discovered how to record more than two tracks yet with Audacity. I am using an 1/4" jack for instrument input 1 and 2 XLR microphones on Mic inputs 2 and 3 (one of which is a AKG Condenser microphone). I can get a stereo track with the guitar and microphone on Mic input 2 but nothing from the other microphone (an AKG D7). The unit is connected to the PC via a USB connection and I have a standard sound card - could that be the problem?

I am new to all this so please can you help. Thanks.

Richard Cresswell

What is your version of Windows and version of Audacity per the pink panel at the top of the page?

Please see You may need to compile Audacity with ASIO support to get multi-channel recording. Is there a “multi” device in Device Toolbar that you can choose?

A decent alternative may be to record with an ASIO-capable app such as Reaper or Kristal, save the recorded tracks as separate WAV files then edit them with Audacity.


Thanks for your reply Gale. I have Windows 7 (Home Edition) and Audacity v 2.0.2. There is nothing in the Device Toolbar which looks like a “multi” device. Since posting my query I have come across “Reaper” which I may acquire. I know I would have to buy a licence after 60 days, but if it works that’s fine. I think your suggested solution about using something like Reaper is the way forward for me. My only doubt now is whether I need a more sophisticated sound card.