Recording windows 7 Pro 64 bit (HDMI)

So I built a new system and am installing all my favorite software which means Audacity has to go on there. But eh problem of trying to figure out how to get it to work. I’ve tried all variations with sound inputs etc. and cant get any sound to come through the stereo mix.
Sound 1.png
In the recording menu once all hidden devices are displayed I get these strange HDMI output icons that can’t be activated.
Sound 2.png
Anyone have any ideas?

HDMI card is an Nvidia GTX 670


Some newer Windows machine don’t have Stereo-Mix.

HDMI Audio is the audio track that goes down the HDMI connection to your monitor or TV. You don’t need the separate audio cables any more like you did with DVI or earlier video connections.


Thanks for the quick response. If there is no stereo mix would it show up as in the pic in my earlier post and if there is no stereo mix is there a work around?

If you are trying to record HDMI from a Bly-Ray player, it’s copy protected (unless you are playing a homemade disc).

And, you probably have an HDMI output, but no HDMI input.

…and cant get any sound to come through the stereo mix.

[u]This page[/u] has some suggest applications if your soundcard/driver don’t support Stereo Mix. I don’t own Total Recorder (~$20 USD), but a lot of people seem to get good results with it.

If you want to be able to record the Stereo Mix off your Realtek sound card, you probably need to either disable or mute ALL the other input options in Windows Sound. You then need to set your Device Toolbar to look something like this.
That is what I have with ONLY the Stereo Mix present as a device in the Sound > Recording tab of Windows.

That did it. Amazing how you get this level of support with a free app.

Cheers for the help guys