Recording VST instrument in another host [SOLVED]

I am a newbie to Audacity and are using my Alesis Core 1 USB audio interface trying to record VST instruments (using SaviHost to run them), but I am not getting any signal when I try to do a direct/real recording playing on these VST instruments, importing audio files into Audacity works fine.

I have set the Alesis Core 1 as the default playback and recording audio device in Windows 10.

In Audacity under Preferences I have the following settings:, - Devices: Interface Host are set to Windows DirectSound, Playback Device: Speaker (Core 1) and Recording Device: Input (Core 1)

I have tried the procedure under FAQ:Recording - Troubleshooting: “Why do I get only a flat line and no sound when I try to record?”, but without success, so why do I get only a flat line and no sound when I try to record?

Which three-number Audacity do you have?


I have the latest version 2.1.3.

and Recording Device: Input (Core 1)

That would record whatever coming into the Core 1 interface (guitar, etc.).

If you want to record the sounds coming out of your soundcard/interface, select [u]WASAPI (loopback)[/u].

If that doesn’t work with your interface, try selecting your regular soundcard as your playback device.

Great! It works, thanks!