Recording volume slider doesn't work in v3.2.5

I recently installed v3.2.5 on a PC with Windows 10. My recording gear includes a Focusrite Solo interface (2nd gen) and Rode NT-1 mic.

In Audacity the recording volume slider doesn’t move. It is fixed at the 0db level. (In contrast, the speaker volume slider does move when dragged with the mouse cursor.) This is true regardless of the Windows host chosen. I can’t find anywhere in Preferences to control the recording volume slider.

What must I do to make the recording volume slider useful?

That’s normal with a USB interface.

You have to adjust the analog level before it’s digitized.(1)

Use the knob on the interface. :wink:

(1) Some other software does allow digital level control while recording but it’s still important to adjust the analog level so you don’t clip (distort) the analog-to-converter. I believe the Focusrite has LEDs that turn red when the level is too hot and clips. If you “see red”, turn it down!!!

Note that if you record in mono the input levels are cut in half (-6dB) so the combined signals don’t go over 0dB and (possibly) clip. If you are recording in mono and only using one input at a time you’ll be limited to -6dB. But you CAN still trust the clipping indicators on the interface and you can amplify after recording.

Sorry DVDdoug, that’s no answer. Tell PATO what to do. I do think he knows he has to use the knob on the interface, but that doesn"t work. I experienced the same thing just now. Sometimes after dubbelclicking there is a slider to adjust te db setting. But mostly the know doesn’t respond. Nothing happens. And if it does, the setting goes to 100% as soon as you start recording. For met that’s a bug or do you think otherwise?

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