recording volume low suddenly - all settings same

al my setting are the same in the laptop, in the audacity window (e.g. rec volume slider up), and with mic (level and gain)

but the volume of the recording is low (blue wavy stuff tight in the middle, low volume)

could be mic thing bc i sound low in a zoom recording but checkinhg here too

mac os big sur 11.6.4

audacity 2.4.2

Audacity gets its sound from the computer, not the microphone. Zoom and other applications change those settings as they need. Shut down the Mac (not restart), wait, and start it. Don’t let anything else start. Run Audacity and see if the problem changes.


not sure o did the let nothing else run part well, and i had raised the level and the gain in the meantime - but it’s wprking

Right, so what you have now is normal and what you had before was Zoom’s microphone boost setting. Zoom did an update in the background and your boost vanished. You can make this worse by having more than one chat application. Some leave their boost running even if the application is closed. They don’t fight each other. The last one open will fight you.

Home microphones come out of the box quiet. That’s marketing and promotion. If your microphone sounds fine but is too quiet, you naturally think you’re doing something wrong and post a question on a forum. If the microphone is too loud and sounds distorted, you send it back. No contest.