Recording volume is too low

I am recoding old cassettes via Focusrite interface. Prior to the latest update, there was no problem. But with the latest update (3.3.3) to Audacity, I first had the problem of not being able to see the input and output levels. Through the Forum, I was made to understand that I should update my Mac software. So I updated to macOS Sonoma 14.3.1. Now the problem is the recording level is too low. So low that at top volume of the computer speaker, I can hardly hear any thing. Is there a fix for this?

The latest “stable” version for Mac is 3.4.2, and there is a beta around numbered 3.5

Have you selected the correct input source? You may need to set it in Audacity and possibly also in System settings.

Yes, the input source is correctly set. I will try the new Audacity version 3.4.2 and hope the system starts working properly. Thanks for the quick reply.

I just down loaded Version 3.4.2 for Mac. The problem is not solved. The recording level is still very low. Am unable to upload the Audacity file to this message board as they allow only 4MB upload.

Your Focusrite probably has LED meters, or LEDs that change color showing the recording level. When you turn-up the knobs are you seeing a good level?

Yes I do see good level of recording. Even the Audacity itself shows good level of recording. Except when I play the audacity, the out put is extremenly low. At full volume of the system, the recording can barely be heard. If there is a way to upload a copy of the recording, I will do it, except I dont know how to do it.

Does it show good level in Audacity tracks (the blue squiggly line). If you export the recording as a wave or mp3 is the level low… OR is it only low when playing out the speakers after recording, Have you any other player software, does it play OK in it.

What do you mean “at full volume” ??? What is actually at full volume…?

The recording level on the Focusrite does show the recording level, which is consistent with a good volume.

  1. Yes, the Blue squiggly lines on the Audacity show a good volume.
  2. I exported the Audacity file as MP3 to my iTunes, there the volume is OK.
  3. I don’t have any other player software.
  4. By Full Volume, I mean turning up the volume of my Mac Speakers to the highest.

So the tune recorded with Audacity and exported to mp3 opens in Itunes and plays in Itunes OK.

So it seems like something to do with settings for Audacity Playback… check these in Audacity Audio Setup, Playback Device or Rescan Devices in Audio Setup

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