Recording voicemail from my android phone onto my computer

Hi all,
I have downloaded Audacity in hope of being able to record my voicemail messages off my Samsung phone for evidence in a court matter. I am not much of a computer whiz and am a bit baffled as to where I would start. If anyone has experience with this I would be so grateful for some help or advice on where to get help as after 10 days the messages get automatically deleted.
Thanks in hope.

If the recordings are on the voicemail server you may need to install a recording app on your phone so you can play the files and record them to a file on your phone.

Then transfer the files to the computer via USB cable, or if necessary, play them on your phone and record them into Audacity. See

If you need help, please provide the information requested in the pink panel at the top of the page.

Note that if these are covert recordings of bad quality, Audacity is not the correct tool to make them listenable. You will need to pay for an audio forensics specialist with legal experience to recover the recordings, so that they are legally admissible.