Recording voice Mail

I was told that I could use Audacity to retrieve and save Voice mail messages from my I Phone …does anyone know how to do that??..or tell me how to search that topic…

Audacity will not run on an iPhone.

Save your Voicemail audio as a note or voice memo
Go to Phone > Voicemail.
Tap the Voicemail message that you’d like to save, then tap .
Choose Notes or Voice Memos. Then save your Voicemail message.


Audacity will run on your Mac. Mate your iPhone to your Mac and transfer your voice memo to iTunes. Then drag it to your desktop and then import in Audacity.


Assuming the voicemails save as M4A, you will need to add FFmpeg to your computer on Windows to import the M4A into Audacity. See .


Missed a couple of steps. You can get iTunes for Windows, so no, you don’t need a Mac. You use the data cable to mate the two.

This seems like a lot of bother to get files back and forth, but it’s better than trying to juggle analog cables keeping in mind that the two devices are profoundly incompatible with each other. Even more so now that I think the latest iPhone has no analog connection, full stop.

This is the same protocol I used to record audiobook material on an iPod/iPhone. Somehow, I have to get sound files off the iPhone for production and mastering.

And no, it’s not straight M4A, but my production notes are on a different machine. So that will wait until I get home.


While I look that up, you might be interested in the Desperation Method.

You find where the microphone on your computer is by the scratch method (similar to this).

Mine on this computer is behind a grill just to the left of the left-hand shift key.

Do this in a reasonably quiet room. Start recording the built-in microphone with Audacity, play the voicemail with good volume and jam the phone next to the computer microphone. If you really want to get fancy, before you press play, announce which voicemail it is—slate the take in movie-speak.

“January twenty-third, five PM. Message from mom about her visit.”

This is insanely handy, but the least desirable of the methods if only because the radio connection in the iPhone may interfere with the sound in the computer (whistling, burbling, cracking). It also picks up the computer fan noise.

The radio service interferes with a number of analog transfer methods.


Built-In Extras > Voice Memos are saved in MPEG4 Audio M4A. I see where I went off the rails. I download the free Music Memos APP and I don’t use Voice Memos. Music Memos are saved in the perfect quality, uncompressed music format whose name has yet to reveal itself to me.

Voice Memos is probably just fine for you. As above, add FFmpeg program to Audacity to play those. Scroll down from the Windows installer.


Here it is. Apple Core Audio File (.caf). I was supposed to see how to gracefully open these and I didn’t get to it.


Google came up with several ways to export voicemail to the cloud or other service rather than transfer them between local machines. That should get rid of several steps. We assume you can download them from there to Audacity for processing or your own personal archive.