recording vinyl - low levels

I am trying to rip some vinyl using a Audio-Technica lp120 directly via USB to my windows 7 laptop. When I start monitoring the max levels barely reach -24db. The level is all the way up and I went in to Control Panel > Sound Device and made sure recording levels were maxed out as well. When I compare these recordings to other mp3s in my iTunes it is drastically low in sound. What can I do to get more audio input?

…and made sure recording levels were maxed out as well.

Strange… That sounds like there’s something wrong with the turntable… The digital audio data coming into the USB port should be somewhere around -3 to -6dB (depending on several factors, including the loudness of the record).

Have you tried the line-level analog outputs? If you have a desktop computer your soundcard should have line-in, or you can try the line-outputs into your regular stereo (or TV).

You can boost the after recording in audacity (with the Amplify effect) but at such a low level you are loosing resolution and when you boost the level, you will also boost the soundcard-noise.

From the Sudio-Technicia website:

Switchable built-in pre-amplifier with line-level RCA output cables

I wonder if switching to “line level” will help??? (I don’t think that should affect the digital output.)