Recording vinyl at Insane 320 MP3 then playing back via USB

I have been engaged in a labour of love since 2022 recording first my two thousand audio cassette tapes and currently coming to final stretch of almost two thousand 12" vinyl and will then move to a smaller collection of 7" vinyl and finish up with my MiniDiscs.

I saved everything as a WAV file plus an MP3 using the Insane 320 setting planning on using the WAV as my master file and the MP3 for ipods. I was looking at hifi separates cd players and thought about selling on my Cambridge Audio and replacing it with one with a USB port like the Marantz but the stats say that they are compatible with hi res music files up to 192 KHz/24 Bit. Does this mean that the 320 KHz MP3’s would be incompatible for playback via USB, same with the WAV files saved at Audacitys standard setting?

Thank you in advance for any replies, Audacity has been a daily companion for quite some time now as I try to create a digitised legacy of my music collection.

320 kbps, not “KHz”.

Bit-rate and sample-rate are two different things.

I shall pass that information on to the appropriate authorities.

If the Marantz (whatever it is) can play MP3s you’ll be fine.

Does it use a USB drive or a USB computer connection?

If it’s a DAC connected to a computer the software & drivers generally make everything compatible by taking care of any necessary conversions automatically.

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Thank you. I have been sitting online looking at cd players and amps and feel old, gone are any recording channels and in their place streaming facilities. As I go up the chain the USB capability goes up to 32-bit/384kHz and as you said it appears to be computer USB connections rather than sticking a drive into the front or back. As you go further up the chain to a £2000 Marantz made in Japan amplifier there are no digital inputs, just analogue.

I had been wondering if I could plug a USB stick or external hard drive in with my tapes and vinyl on those but that appears to be at the entry level of new hifi equipment and as you move up it becomes a computer USB connection.

It really depends on whether I decide to sell all of the vinyl to try to afford to buy a house before I pop my clogs and/or have portable access to my music in the dystopian pod life future.

Thank you again for your reply, appreciated.

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