Recording Video on You Tube

Grateful for some help!
I am a singer who imports mp3 backing tracks to accompany my vocals on Audacity. Once i have the recording down I export it to emaster for mixing.

What I am trying to figure out is how I can video record myself while while recording audio and save the video to You Tube, while keeping in mind that i export the audio recording to emastered for mixing.
, after which i have the audio recording mixed as a wav file.

So essentially, I am looking for a program (easy to use) which i can record the video on the origonal take, and then marry up the video with the mastered audio amd save the video to You Tube

Any help is appreciated!!

I think you violated a couple of computer rules.

Audacity can only record from one thing. There is no “record my voice, and.”

Even if you’re set up for overdubbing, the backing track is already recorded. So Record my voice and Play the backing track.

And that brings us to the second rule. Computers only have two sound pathways: Record and Play. When you record YouTube or internet shows, what you’re really doing is playing the YouTube show and recording the show by jamming the two pathways together. That uses them up.

That’s what messes up people trying to record Zoom meetings. Too many pathways.

Record my voice to the Zoom meeting and play the other people’s voices to me. Full stop. There is no pathway left to record their voices.


I dont think you are understanding what I am doing or asking. Thamx anyways

Have you looked in Microsoft Store to see what free video editing apps are available?

Not a video expert here, but I would recommend you to take a look on “OBS Studio” for the video capturing. I can’t help you with “How to use it” but there may be many tutorials on YouTube.