recording via USB?

Hey all, im new to te forums here and i just picked up a line 6 pocket pod, a nice unit indeed. However, im wondering if its possible to record through audacity via the usb cable that was included. Any help/advice would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

You posted in the generic forum so we need to start with…if you’re on a Mac and the unit shows up in the Apple Peferences Panels, select it and put Audacity on Default Input.

If you’re on a Windows machine, it depends on the drivers. There are driver types, ASIO, I think, that can cause problems. The Windows poeople will show up shortly and finish this.

Are you on Linux?


well i just went out and bought a 4 dollar adapter to hook it into my line in on my pc so, all is well now, i appreciate the response though! :slight_smile: