Recording using WASAPI skipping after a second elapsed.

Hey Everyone,

I am using Windows 10 - Audacity Version 2.1.3.


When recording using devices:
-Windows WASAPI
-Playback Speakers
-Recording Speakers (loopback)

I am getting a skip after the first second or 2. The rest of the audio seems fine. This happens when recording from Windows Media Player or another fruity media player.
Attached is the skipped portion.

It seems to happen around the same time frame with any audio from any media player i record from. I am also attaching settings.

Any ideas I can try on this? Ive tried using Windows Direct Sound but it doesnt have nearly the quality WASAPI has.

Try giving Audacity “above normal” CPU priority, (but no higher), to lower the odds of it being interrupted by other processes.

If you already have the media on your computer, you can probably open it in Audacity, rather than record the output of a media player. You may have to install something called FFmpeg into Audacity to play some media files.

Ha, this actually fixes the root cause. Thank you!!