I have found questions relating to recording problems with Windows 10 update but I have a new computer with Windows 10 and can’t get Audacity to record. I had no problems with Windows 7 but appear unable to record anything on my new PC. I am recording from an old turntable using the same output source as when recording with windows 7 on my old pc and using the Stereo Mix input but it doesn’t work. Any thoughts?

It could be this “Windows 10 thing”:

I am having the exact same problem and followed the instructions to check my windows setting and this did not resolve my problem. Any other advice to resolve this issue? I can’t hear anything when I play a record either… I have no sound from audacity with my new computer using windows 10. My turntable is connected to the PC by USB exactly as my old PC was.

When people say that, 9 times out of 10 the symptoms are similar but the actual problem is something quite different.

So as to not go off in the wrong direction for dickeverard, I shall ignore your post and wait for dickeverard’s reply. If you really do have “the exact same problem”, then when we fix the problem for dickeverard, the problem will be solved for you.

I had already checked everything in the link viewtopic.php?f=46&t=100117 but still have the same problem. I used to get a flat staright line but now do get soemthing as can be seen in the attached png file. It appears to record for a few seconds and then stops and I get a straight line again. I do occassionally hear some sound but it is in coughs and splutters and then silence. So something is hapening but not what is needed to make a recording.

So Steve, or anyone else, do you have any suggestions to help us fix this problem and get back to listening and recording music with Audacity?

I see that it hasn’t gone totally silent, just a lot quieter.
Perhaps the Windows sound “enhancements” are kicking in. Ensure that all “enhancements” are disabled (see: FAQ:Recording - Troubleshooting - Audacity Manual)

Alternatively, it could be another app interfering with the recording level. Skype is known to sometimes do that. If you use Skype, or other voip software, ensure that it is not running (at all, not even in the background).

I just get a straight line showing no activity. I am not using Skype or any other voip software

I suggest that the original poster monitors the input with headphones ( to avoid feedback). Set the input recording device by choosing " listen to this device" under the listen tab in the sound control panel ( run mmsys.cpl ). Does the sound level drop when the signal in audacity does? I notice that a power saving option has been added to some device types so if you are running on a laptop make sure that you use mains power.