Recording ultrasound

Hi I have a pettersson elektronic usb microphone that can record ultrasound up 192 kilohertz and im having trouble with my audacity settings, ive been able to navigate to the spectogram and i changed the minimum and max frequency from 20 kilohertz to 192 kilohertz but i when i go back to record i cant see past 20 kilohertz on the spectrogram, and when i go back into the settings it says that my setting were changed back to default can anyone help?

Which one? The u384 USB Ultrasound Microphone?
If it’s that one, you need to set the sampling rate to 384000.
The easiest way to do that is to set that as the default sampling rate in Audacity Preferences

This “may” cause a problem with playback, as your computer sound card probably does not handle such a high sample rate. We can work around that problem if it arises. For now, if I guessed the correct model, try making a test recording and let us know how you get on.