recording two sides of cassette tape at once

HI I have windows 7 and audacity 2.0.3
I am digitizing cassettes from super USB cassette capture For the first couple of cassettes or songs all was well but the last two cassettes I tried captured two songs at once, on playback you hear both over subbing each other, as if? it was reading both sides of the tape Any help? thanks

That Audacity version is old now. I recommend updating to the current 2.1.1:

If you have the two songs on separate Audacity tracks they will play together. Click where it says “Hz” to left of the blue waves in the first song. That selects the first song. Then you can edit that song if you want to. Then do File > Export Selection… to export that song.

Repeat for the other song.


I am sorry …
Yes I click on the hz and make it blue but I d o not know what to do under edit so I can export
and why did this happen was the real question. I thought I was capturing one side of the tape… thanks
I just got sudacity but I will go find the upgrade

As I said, File > Export Selection… (in 2.0.3) - the first menu at the top.

If you press Stop in Audacity between songs then press Record again, the new song is recorded on a separate track.

To keep each song on the same track, either press Pause, change the song then Pause again to resume recording, or if do press Stop. hold SHIFT on your computer keyboard while clicking Record, which will start recording at the end of the track.


Oh thanks the export was not an option was greyed out but it is there now
However as for the second part of the problem, the REAL problem, we are not on the same page I fear. It has nothing to do with pressing stop or pause
Again -I put the cassette in, I press play I hit the red dot on record . I hear the song fine ,all of them , one after another if I stay to listen .Side of a casserte ends, I hit stop recording, and stop on the recorder. I play back and hear more than one song at once. Is that what you thought I meant? It looks like I will have to stay around and stop and do each song on each cassette one song at a time export then record next song export then…etc egads

Many menu options are greyed out when playing, recording or paused. Press the yellow Stop button in Audacity when you want to edit or export.

How many tracks do you have in Audacity, stacked one above the other?

If you start from an empty Audacity project window, then as you say record one side of a cassette and press Stop in Audacity, then Play in Audacity, how many songs do you hear? If you hear more than one song then there is a fault with the tape or the cassette player reading through the other side of the tape.

I should have added that if you do want to have more than one track in Audacity, as well as clicking above “Hz” to select a track, press “Solo” on that track to hear only that track.


thanks! jeez ems two separate cassettes did this would not seem to be machine as first cassettes did well thank you so very much Will plug along:)