Recording Two Different Voices

My friend and I are trying to record 4-part harmony songs (all public domain). He records tenor and lead, I record bass and baritone. My issue that I am having is that I seem to be too loud no matter what I do. Obviously bass and baritone should not b the overpowering voice. Are there any tutorials that I can be directed to for mixing two or more voices on audacity? I’ve done a few things with equalization and amplification, but I can’t seem to get it right. Any help would be appreciated.

I think you may be just recording it wrong. You should have four independent sound tracks and it’s a simple matter to select one and apply tools or effects. Once you have a single mixed track with two voices and they don’t match, you’re dead.

I would record the first voice and then go back and record the other three as an overdubbing, sound-on-sound exercise.

The tutorial is neatly divided into two segments: Perfect overdubbing with special hardware, and less than perfect overdubbing with just a microphone and a computer. If you cheap out and use just the mic and computer, then you can never hear the correct theatrical mix while you’re recording it. It’s a pretty serious restriction.


Recording your harmonies separately would be the best way. That what I always do everytime I record (apparently because I am a one man show, I am the lead, I am the background vocal, & sometimes I am the instrumental through beatbox).

I suggest you record each harmony in a single track. A track for the lead vocal, a track for the tenor, for baritone & for bass. Like this:
Best Of Joy Waveform Graph.JPG
Hope this helps. :smiley: