Recording Traktor in Audacity with UA-4FX Audio Capture

Hi All,

Can’t seem to find a solution here so you are my only hope.

What do I set my input and output audio settings in Audacity to record from my UA-4FX. Nothing is working! I am trying to connect the headphone output on the UA-4FX to the microphone line in on my Dell Inspiron. None of my recording programs are picking the sound up (No waveforms in Audacity). I’m not sure where the problem is.

I am using:
Traktor (Audio Settings - Audio Setup “6 UA-4FX, 2 In, 2 Out”)
Stanton SCS.1m controller (sound card is not recognized by traktor anymore)
UA-4FX (using for the sound card and audio capture)
Audacity (edit- preferences - playback device = speakers/headphones, recording device = microphone/ line-in IDT High, Channels = 2 Stereo) Recording Playthrough ON.

Thank you for any advice.

If you’re on Windows have a look at “windows recording devices” to select “line-in” as default recording device.

BTW there is usually a dedicated line-out socket, rather than using the headphone output from the device …
use 'line-out' from device to 'line-in' on computer (rather than headphone signal).png